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Thanks for dropping by my website! My name is Jeong Yi and I’m an English-speaking Seoul photographer (also fluent in Korean) based in Korea. You can connect with me on Google and Facebook. I spent most of my life in Seattle, but also lived in Los Angeles for two years. I’ve always had a passion for film, but then fell in love with photography. I prefer a photojournalistic style of photography in a natural environment. It’s for this reason that I love taking pictures outside.

I believe one of the most important aspects of photography is being able to connect with your clients. I’ve travelled to 27 different countries and can get along with pretty much any person I meet. I would encourage you to meet or at least have a conversation with any potential photographer before booking a session. After all, what’s the point of hiring a highly-skilled photographer if you can’t get along or have a good time with him/her? You won’t be disappointed if you choose to work with me and many of my previous clients can testify to this fact.

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