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Surprise Birthday at Outback Steakhouse in Korea

The detailed surprise plan:

(PURPOSE) Wife wanted to surprise her husband with an early birthday celebration in Korea.

(1) She flew 8 family members out to Korea and had them dress in costumes and wait at the restaurant.
(2) When her husband arrived at the restaurant, I pretended to be filming a commercial and asked for his participation in the video in return for free drinks.
(3) Each person presented a message to the husband – He realizes the event is for him when he reads the first message which has his name; however, he doesn’t yet know what the occasion is.
(4) He realizes it’s an early birthday celebration when he reads the last sign and sees the birthday cake.
(5) He thinks the surprise is over, but then he gets the ultimate surprise when his family members take off the costumes to reveal their true identity!
(6) His parents and son who are also at the table also were not aware of the surprise so everyone freaks out together.

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