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Willie’s Surprise Proposal in Seoul, Korea

A surprise proposal in Seoul, Korea at a small cafe near Wangsimni station. Here was the surprise proposal plan:

1. Willie reserved the cafe for the proposal and had it decorated in advance.
2. He then brought his girlfriend to the cafe pretending that he found it online and wanted to visit.
3.As soon as they came in, I pretended to be setting up for another proposal. There was another guy in a bear costume pretending to be the one proposing.
4. I then seated the girl in the seat asking her to help me setup the camera angles. Meanwhile, the guy excused himself to the bathroom.
5. Once I had the cameras setup, I told the guy to go to the back area and come out so we could practice the whole proposal.
6.The actual guy proposing changed into the costume and came out and then walked into the cafe.

Of course the girl has no idea what’s going on! You can actually see her throughout the video looking for her boyfriend. She even asked me at one point, “Where’s Willy? I want him to see this so he can learn!”

It was a very successful proposal! 🙂