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Suzy Menkes in Seoul (Day 2)

Here is the second day of my event photography for Suzy Menkes. The first part can be found here: Suzy Menkes Day 1. My second day with Suzy Menkes and […]

Suzy Menkes Vogue

Suzy Menkes in Seoul (Day 1)

I was referred to Suzy Menkes’ team through a former client. Given the notoriety of Suzy in the fashion world, I was both excited and nervous about the opportunity to […]

Suzy Menkes

Kim Seung Hwan Trio Concert

There isn’t really that much going on in my neighborhood. However, there is a music cafe that opened just last year and they recently starting having concerts there on a […]

Angel’s Bridal Shower in Seoul

My wife wanted to give Angel pictures of her bridal shower as a gift, so I happily agreed. I’ve never done a bridal shower before, so I didn’t know what […]

2012 Benefit Concert in Seoul

Pictures taken from the 2012 Benefit Concert for orphans in Korea. The fundraiser was organized by the Jerusalem Ministry – – Great job John-Michael and everyone else that volunteered […]

Ballerina Bboy

These pictures were taken during the Ballerina Who Loves Bboy show in Seoul, Korea. It’s performed in the Lotte World Arts Theater near Jamsil Station right next to Lotte World. […]

2011 Lantern Festival in Seoul

Seoul holds a Lantern Festival once a year to attract visitors to the country. The theme for 2011 was “Stories of Seoul’s Past”. The lanterns were used to depict different […]

John Legend Concert in Seoul

My sister’s friend, Ian Macaulay, plays guitar for John Legend. She hooked me up with free tickets, so I was able to get some great shots of the concert. The […]

Korean Racing Models

Went to KINTEX (exhibition center) in Ilsan to attend the 2011 Auto show. It was my first auto show, so I was really excited; unfortunately, the cars were not that […]